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We have organised more than 15,000 successful international b2b meetings
We are in contact with more than 48000 of buyers around the world
We work with key buyers from 54 sectors of the economy
We have established relationships with companies from 85 countries
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About MatchMaking Service
CPM Nedzvetskaya 1

Yana Nadzvetskaya, Founder and Creative Director of the Brand, "LO"

Intersharm MatchMaking DemidovShort

Michail Demidov, CEO "Demidov Lux SPA"

Intersharm MatchMaking KornevskovShort

Alexey Kornevskov, Production Director "Labaratory Emansi"

InnoProm Shaimordanova

Oksana Shaymardanova, Head of Marketing Department, "Zelenograd Nanotechnology Center"

InnoProm Borodich

Aleksandr Borodich, Founder and Managing Partner "BLOCKCHAIN UNIVERSA"

ExpoElektronika Bilalova

Elina Bilalova, Business Analyst "TAU INDUSTRIAL ROBOTICS"

ExpoElektronika Marin

Andrey Marin, Director "Digital Solution"

InnoProm Bersegova

Ruzanna Barsegova, PR Manager "RecFaces"

Intersharm MatchMaking BolotinaShort

Ksenia Bolotina, Manager "M.K. Aseptika"

InnoProm Konstantinov

Pavel Konstantinov, Advertising Manager "BEM-Eleсtro"

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Feedback on MatchMaking

  • "The service worked realy great and even perfect! I am pleased to say that we have only positive impressions and emotions, as we have held all the meetings that were scheduled in advance.There were more meetings with distributors and potential customers than we expected. For the first time in 14-15 years of participation in international exhibitions, we received such an ideal service without any remarks."Trading company «Krasnaya Liniya» Shidlov Alex, Export Manager

  • "We liked working with this service. There were a lot of useful and meaningful contacts. Before participating in this exhibition, we did not have much idea of the specifics and requirements of the market , as well as how to enter the local market. Now, after holding a large number of meetings , we have already formed an approximate plan of further actions for our company. Your service is definitely useful. The results of the exhibition were higher than expected, thanks largely to your service." «EMANSI», Kornevskov Alexey, Director

  • "The top priority for our company to visit the exhibitions is preliminary organization of meetings, because we are goinig there not just to attend but first of all to find new companies, new leads, with which we will have long- term cooperation. I can say that with the actions of your service, we managed to solve this problem."«Biovitrum», Alferova Nadezhda, Head of Advertising and Promotion Department

  • "The MatchMaking service is very convenient because customers come to me themselves and I don't have to search for them. Secondly, people already know why they are coming specifically, and I don't need to cover the entire range of offers. I can directly take time to negotiate on a specific topic."«Biola», Popov Evgeniy Evgenievich, CEO

  • "I really liked the organization of the MatchMaking service , all the managers worked perfectly, contacted, we can say, round the clock and even on weekends."«Belyov pastila manufacture», Marina Shtonda, Company Representative

  • "MatchMaking service is extremly useful, effective, fast and top-quality - I liked everything. There were no issues. Everything was maximally productive, rapid and well done organized."«Mr. Gradus», Kutselov Konstantin, Director

  • "There were many useful business meetings. The work at the exhibition was very productive. A service like MatchMaking is always very helpful. I think without your assistance, it would be harder for us. And your meetings were at a high level."«Nalchiksky Molochy Kombinat» Urmancheeva Dinara, Director of Marketing Department

  • "We are really impressed. I think the overall presentation is just great and really attracts customers, potential customers. Your time management, efficiency plus your flexibility is just great. You arrange everything with smile and we really told everybody that we are so impressed with professionality."«Biocon Valley», Michael Lucitke, Manager

  • "I would like to thank your entire team, because you are really professionals. You were not some formal assistant, but actually did a lot of work, which, I think, will boost our business a lot."«Zeldis Pharma» Chaklin Vladimir, Export Director

  • "For us were organised incredibly useful meetings. I expect all the meetings will lead to further contracts and mutually beneficial cooperation."«Yarus», Filippov Alexey, CEO

  • "I would say that of all the meetings that were pre-scheduled, 99% are meetings with potential. It is very convenient to know in advance the place of meetings and partner profile. I really liked the service on the exhibition, very friendly staff. Well, if on a five- point scale, then six!" «RusCo», Pavel Sharov, Sales Director

  • "I think that the MatchMaking service is very convenient - everyone understands when and where they should be. The team is excellent, They always pay attention to each client." «Baskin Robbins», Janna Loyanich, Leading Sales Specialist

  • "The MatchMaking service was positively highlighted by me , my administrarion and our managers. It is really very useful, and we would like to work with thus service once again." «TEHNA,», Kvitko Vera Vladimirovna, Deputy Director of Sales Department

  • "I want to say that MatchMaking is a great service, I am amazed that such a service exists. Every single MatchMaking employees are tried to make maximum benefit and It was noticeable and we appreciate it very much, it is very significant for us."«Healthy Ball», Kovaleva Anastasia, Founder and CEO

  • "The MatchMaking service is very helpful. You are doing a very important and useful job for the exhibitors. Everything is organised down to every last detail. I would say, starting from the meeting and ending with communication." «Modnaya Kantselarya»,Dmitriy Krasnikov, CEO

  • "I personally really enjoyed working with this service. Especially working with the team, they are very benevolent. There was an understanding of who comes and for what reason, I was pleasantly surprised."«Mayak», Zheleznaya Lubov, Enterprise Director

  • "With your assistance, we met with potential partners and agreed on direct steps in the next weeks, such as the exchange of documents for signing and the formation of the first test order."Zaika Evgeniy Sergeevich, Director of Economics

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