MatchMaking service works at various events to establish business contacts around the world

It includes searching for potential target contacts and organising meetings for event participants. We have led 15,000 successful international meetings at 40 events in many countries around the world.

1.Worldwide exhibitions
We organize meetings between exhibitors and their target customers among the exhibition visitors.

2.Worldwide collective expositions
We organize meetings between the exhibitors of the collective exhibition and their target clients among the exhibition visitors.

3.Worldwide forums and conferences
We organise target meetings between event participants in advance.

4.International business missions of Russian companies, as well as business missions of foreign companies to Russia
We organise targeted meetings between mission participants and the invited purposeful audience.

5.Days of performance for startups
We organize meetings for startups with investors and mentors.

6.Individual work with exporting companies
We find target buyers who are interested in the company's products in the desired market, organise negotiations personally or online.

7.Individual work with foreign exporting companies on Russian market
We find targeted Russian buyers interested in the company’s products, organise negotiations personally or online.